At the start, this young lady was nervou

We spent a third session mastering bicycle control: starting and stopping safely and unaided, being aware of surroundings and taking tight turns.
I was so impressed with her attitude and determination and despite a few bumps along the way, she's now happy and off on her bike!!!

At the start, this young lady was nervous and unstable on her bicycle. We adjusted the saddle height and whipped the pedals off. We then spent our first session working on balance and being happy, comfortable and confident. By the end of next session she was riding her bike unaided and with a big smile on her face!



Best professor! Thank you! ✨

fixing new brakes

Lola's bike had been stuck outside for over a year and was in need of some tlc. We cleaned her up, changed the brakes, put on a shiny new saddle and breathed some new life into her.

changing saddle.


It's so great to be back on my bike after a year due to breaking my ankle. Huge thanks to @batterseabikeschool who made this possible. I was worried that I had left my bike unused for too long.

Flat tyres rusty chain and cobwebs was holding me back until I got guidance and support from @batterseabikeschool . Now it's better than ever with new brakes and hooter fitted. Bike maintenance is so much better with the help of @Batterseabikeschool. My bike and all the freedom I get from it is priceless. 😁🚴‍♀️

At first, this young Lady equated riding with fear, embarrassment, failure and toil. After a session of balance practice and learning to be relaxed with her bike, she came to today's session with a smile and determination. By the end of the session , she was riding independently and enjoying exploring the park on bike with her sister! So happy for her!



Thank you Navindh! What an amazing teacher you are 😊


1 hour maintenance session with Zoe! Correct tyre pressure ✔ both brakes working ✔ correct chain tension✔ gears shifting smoothly✔ saddle adjusted to perfection✔ even had time to add new lights🍾 . The simple things that anyone can do and save yourself time and £££...


Thank you so much. I feel more confident about how my bike works and what to do if anything goes wrong. Great tip about stowing the D lock with a bungee so it doesn't rattle. ❤️🚲